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Welcome to The AI buddy, this blog is all about artificial intelligence and deep learning. We will be posting stuff related to artificial intelligence which will include technology news, blogs, hands-on tutorials, research paper implementations, my projects on artificial intelligence, and deep learning. We will cover interesting topics like Data Science, Computer Vision, Reinforcement learning, deep learning, and machine learning. So, let's get started.


The motivation for starting The AI buddy blog is because of my cultivated passion for artificial intelligence and deep learning. It all started when I was in my sophomore year of college and got fascinated seeing a neural network getting trained and the model could detect objects with great accuracy. It all seemed magic at that very moment and that was my eureka moment. From that very moment, there was no looking back. I started learning about artificial intelligence, diving deep and started understanding the maths behind it. I still remember the very moment when I first trained a convolutional neural network to detect cats and dogs and to see it doing so well with test data, felt so good. Or the other instance when I build a generative model to generate human faces which never existed but it felt so real. Since day 1, it has been a never-ending journey and the only thing I can say as of now after working for almost two years in artificial intelligence is that I have just got started. 


We at The AI buddy feel the same way that artificial intelligence will be the future where it will disrupt the industry, take over existing jobs but at the same time, it will create new jobs that we can't imagine at this stage. Sometimes, we feel that with all the hype that is being created around artificial intelligence, will the technology be able to justify itself? Then we start thinking about its achievements till now in the fields of NLP, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, and Generative Models and I feel good about it, and that reaffirms my faith in the technology. 

A lot of research institutions, venture capitalists are funneling huge grants for artificial intelligence research which is good to see. We are still seeing a nascent form of AI and not the Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) which we see in sci-fi movies. With an increase in market size, we will see a lot of people getting into artificial intelligence and we want to cater to their needs through this blog as far as we can. Support our work and be a part of this artificial intelligence revolution.


With the world taking small steps towards AI, we at The AI buddy will make sure that we become a part of this AI revolution. We want to contribute to AI research, educating people about AI, and creating an AI ecosystem. We work in India and our main goal will be to make India, the epicenter of all the AI work that is being done. India has a lot of potential in AI and Machine Learning and we want to be the first ones to make it happen. The AI buddy will join hands with India to kickstart this AI movement. Come let's join the AI revolution.


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