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Hi-TECH Wireless Interactive Robot Review

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

We will be discussing Hi-TECH Wireless Interactive Robot which is an artificial intelligence robot. I thought it would be nice if I write a blog to discuss a light AI topic today which is an Artificial Intelligence Toy. As we all know AI is really impacting our daily lives and we are getting used to using AI in our daily chores. So, without wasting any time let's get into the details of the AI robot.

Hi-TECH Wireless Interactive Robot
Hi-TECH Wireless Interactive Robot

HI-TECH AI Robot's Features

So, it is an AI robot which is built for kids, It weighs about 1.42 pounds and made up of plastic. It runs with a single lithium-ion battery.

It addresses itself as BOBO and goes on to say, "I am an intelligent humanoid robot, a new member of Hi-Tech robot family and I am here to make you feel happy, my dear little master". It is the newest robot which comes with the latest ground detection sensor at the bottom with which it will be able to identify the black lines as path and walk along with it while set to Path Mode. It also has a Maze Mode which will help it to find its way out of a maze. It can also be in both modes simultaneously. If the maze is too difficult to identify, the robot might fail.

Hi-TECH Wireless Interactive Robot Maze Solving
Hi-TECH Wireless Interactive Robot Maze Solving

It is also pretty good at dancing and can dance with 3 MIDIs. It also has programmed movements recorded in its mind. It also has a led in its eyes which can be controlled using a switch and it also comes with a volume key where one can adjust the volume for getting a comfortable experience while playing with it. The battery backup is for about 50 minutes and takes 120 minutes to fully charge.

Let's summarize the features at one go -

1.Infrared Remote Control: It comes with a strong IR remote controller, control distance reaches 33ft.

2.Music&Dance: It dances with MIDIs when you press down the dance button in turn.

3.Programmable: One can control the movements under this mode and ask BOBO to display as you wish.

4.Eye Lights Changing: It also comes with a cool RGB eye light and will turn on/off when you press the downlight button.

5.Path Identification: It is capable of identifying the black lines as path and walk across it.

6.Maze Identification: It can identify the maze map and try his best to find his way out.

7.Rechargeable: It fully charges in 120 minutes, after that BOBO can play with you for 50 minutes.

8.Volume Up/Volume Down: One can adjust the volume if BOBO is too noisy to play.

9.Low Voltage Alarm: It will easily know when to recharge BOBO, more convenient.

Hi-TECH Wireless Interactive Robot
Hi-TECH Wireless Interactive Robot

The packages comes with -

  1. An intelligent AI robot

  2. 1 Remote controller

  3. 1 Maze Map

  4. 1 Instruction Manual

  5. 1 Charger

I think it will be a perfect gift for a child on his/her birthday or it will be a great gift for Christmas.

So if you are planning to buy Hi-Tech AI Robot - Link here


Hope you liked my article. If you have any questions and doubts related to this topic or any topic in AI and machine learning, do let me know in the comment section, and I will be more than happy to help you out. Do hit like on this article and share it among your friends who are in AI. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Let's democratize AI.

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